Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

While life has not been so "groovy" for Gams these last months, it has not all been tears and sadness.  There are 3 little rays of sunshine that come shining through the darkness to illuminate even the blackest of days.

Niko has come into his full super hero powers.  The Nikoman is enamored of all things Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Power Rangers etc.  He gleefully runs through the house with his cape (whatever piece of clothing he can find to tie around his neck) just flying.  He most often refers to himself as Batman - and Gams is his loyal sidekick Robin.  My front room is now the "bat cage" and we spend many hours looking for the "bat car" or "hellicopper."  The imagination of this 2 year old is a wonder to behold!

Jalen and Dylan recently celebrated their birthdays.  Jalen turned 8 on the 8th and Dylan turned 5 on the 10th - both in September. They will likely spend the majority of their childhood with combined parties and they seem to be okay with that.  Dejah and Joe put on quite a bash this year with face painting, cupcake decorating, tons of outdoor and indoor games, balloon decorating and quite the appetizer buffet.  Both sides of the family  gathered at their beautiful home in Ingalls and a good time was had by all.  Auntie Leia drove all the way  from St Louis to attend - she's been there for every birthday, including the very first one!

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racheld said...


What lovely rays they are, indeed---bright as the October sunshine.

I know you love living near all your Dearies---I wish we did. We're headed for Tennessee tomorrow, to pick up our GrandDog while his Mama and Daddy are away for a bit.

Maggiethecat and I talk about what the drear of October, when it should be bright, can do to your attitude and your altitude, so to speak.

Please whiz me off an e-mail if you wanna talk---my address is in my profile.

PS---my secret word today is hopin---hopin for sunshine, I think.

Best of the rest of October!!


FrancisMoore said...

Grandchildren are a joy, and you have three handsome ones. Francis

Unknown said...

You sound like a really fun grandma. Your grandkids are also lucky for a ray of sunshine like you.

jerilyn said...

So cute!