Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Splish Splash

Gam's spent her birthday at the pool with her boys yesterday! Nothing like a day spent in the water with 3 energetic little fishes to make a body feel old!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 24 Photo Challenge: “Let's Hear It For The Boys!”

My entry for the kids category at I Heart Faces is one of the few photos I have of all three boys together. They are all so busy it is difficult to capture all of them at once! Nothing screams "boy" like football so the Colts attire seemed appropriate for the theme. I wish I'd set the aperture differently (so all their faces had been in focus) but I kinda like the effect. This was my first attempt at selective coloring - not too shabby if I do say so myself!
Click on the link below and check out all the other gorgeous guys!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Geeko's Turn and Happy Father's Day!!

My father and my youngest grandson share the same birthday, April 20. It seems appropriate for them to share this post. In keeping with my theme of the last 2 posts, it is, in fact, Geeko's turn; however, it is also a special day for Geeko's birthday buddy, my daddy.
Geeko, at two years old, has the good fortune of having 2 very loving big brothers who willingly include him in all their shenanigans (like they could stop him). He is a very quick study and has no trouble keeping up physically or verbally. He loves to sing and dance and does so with abandon! "I lika dis song," is heard often and his current favorite is the Subway jingle, "Five dolla, Five dolla, uh long" (I'll have to get him on video and post it as it is the funniest thing)!

Being Father's Day, I am also posting one of my favorite shots I have of my daddy and me. He has always been a big influence in my life ~ I am probably the biggest "Daddy's Girl" there is. He has been bravely battling cancer for the last 6 years and it pains me to see him suffer, so my only wish for him today is for the cursed disease to be cured and for his health to return to him so he can enjoy his life and family as he used to BC (before cancer). He doesn't have internet so will likely never see this - he will however know beyond a shadow of a doubt that..."I love you, Daddy!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Send In The Clowns

The oldest grandson, JayBob, has left his super hero suit in the very capable hands of his 2 younger brothers while picking up a new mantle for himself...that of the comedian! JayBob's funny bone is in good working order and he spends his time finding ways to make us laugh - be it made up jokes, drawing his own comics, or just making silly faces. He usually cracks himself up in the process, forcing us to wait until he regains his composure to deliver the punch line. He LOVES being the center of attention and LOVES having his photo taken. He is the most willing of my muses to pose as the following shots demonstrate.

Literally ROFL

Photo by Monkeys Jump

Photo by Monkeys Jump

I called him my little monkey and this was his response.

Just look at that face!! The camera just loves this guy!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dilly's Gonna Knock You Out!!

Of my 3 grandsons, Dillybar is the most difficult to pose for pictures. He just doesn't have time due to the many bad guys that have invaded my home. His days are spent ridding the world of evil doers and consequently most photos feature his intense, "I'm gonna knock you out" face. I rarely capture images of his mild-mannered alter ego. I get lucky sometimes and catch him with his guard down!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KODAK ESP 9 All-in-One Printer Giveaway

I Heart Faces is having an awesome giveaway that anyone can enter. A Kodak printer as listed in the title of this post. Click on the above link to visit their site for all the details.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Memories in Sepia

This weeks theme at I ♥ Faces is Sepia Toned. Sepia is one of my favorite post-processing techniques - fits with my love of history and all things old, I guess.

My entry is of my son-in-laws nephew, Tyler. He is quite the handful and getting him to be still long enough to get a photo is an accomplishment!! I love the way this one turned out.

Check out the other awesome entries by clicking the link below!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Monkey's Proud Mamma

IHeartFaces, one of my favorite websites, recently held a Blurb Photo Book contest. The number of entries they received was astounding and the photos are gorgeous! They chose one winner from each of two categories and are now accepting votes for the "Readers Choice Award". They narrowed down the hundreds of entries to only 8 to be voted on. My oldest daughter, Monkeys Jump, is one of the final 8!!!!! Her entry (as seen above) is one of my favorite pictures of Jalen, my first grandson.
Please follow the link below and vote for her... many times!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I Eat Concweet"

While I know, "boys will be boys", the physical evidence of that statement is, at times, horrific - as evidenced by the photos below. I am thankful for several things:
1. He is fine, no emergency room visit required.
2. I wasn't there to witness the injury and all the blood, screaming, tears etc. that accompanied the fall...on a concrete driveway...chasing a basketball.
3. Babies heal quickly - with minimal scarring. At least I hope that gorgeous little face won't have a scar.
4. His sense of humor is intact as he proudly tells everyone, "I eat concweet."

Monday, June 8, 2009

More of St Louis

While in St Louis, I visited the Shaw Nature Reserve with Brian. We hiked a couple of miles and viewed the wetlands. While long, it was an easy hike and it was misting rain part of the time so we were able to stay cool without being drenched. There were thousands of waterlily in bloom on 2 or 3 lakes. The view was breathtaking!! I attempted to capture some of the beauty I saw in the photos below.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Angels of Blue

I went to see/photograph The Blue Angels yesterday at the Indianapolis Air Show. I had not been to an air show in years and had never tried to photograph one before yesterday. Since I went only for fun, I decided to bite the bullet and put my camera in full manual mode to see what I could learn. I am pleasantly surprised at the number of good shots I managed to get.
If you have never been to an air show or seen the Blue Angels, you are truly missing an incredible display of precision flying! These guys are amazing and their stunts must be seen to be believed!
Some of my favorite shots are below.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gams is Getting Back in the Groove

I'm back home again in Indiana! While it is good to be home, I'll miss seeing my Monkeys Jump.

I had a full schedule in Saint Louis - so much to see and do. I'll write more detailed posts in the coming days but for today, I'll post just a couple of the photos I was able to capture while there.

At Forest Park in downtown St Louis


Meramec State Park

Stairway to Heaven

Missouri is a beautiful state! Now I need to arrange for a "baby fix" to make up for the days I was away from the boys. I feel a sleepover coming up soon!