Saturday, June 13, 2009

"I Eat Concweet"

While I know, "boys will be boys", the physical evidence of that statement is, at times, horrific - as evidenced by the photos below. I am thankful for several things:
1. He is fine, no emergency room visit required.
2. I wasn't there to witness the injury and all the blood, screaming, tears etc. that accompanied the fall...on a concrete driveway...chasing a basketball.
3. Babies heal quickly - with minimal scarring. At least I hope that gorgeous little face won't have a scar.
4. His sense of humor is intact as he proudly tells everyone, "I eat concweet."

1 comment:

racheld said...

Ohhhhh, Cookie!!!

That sweet baby!!! And such a brave one, as well---as my dear Mammaw used to say, "He's a tough little nut." A great compliment of her day.

I'm glad he's OK, and is now laughing about it.