Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Loves my Monkeys Jump!!

Check out The Pioneer Woman's Photography Page - you will notice a certain young, mohawked, bespectacled young man sticking his tongue out (you can't help but notice the cuteness)!  Tis a photo of Jalen taken by my Monkeys Jump (aka Leia).
Way to go Leia for an awesome shot and way to go Dejah for an awesome kid!!  Gams is one proud mama :)


racheld said...

AWWWW, Kathy!! Who can help loving those precious kiddos!

And I wish every one of you a Wonderful Christmas!!


Brightfish said...

That is so awesome! And what a great photo! Don't you just love black and white?! I love looking through her collections that she puts together. congratulations for catching her eye!

racheld said...


I do hope all is well with you---I miss my Home-Town friend, and hope you're well and warm and happy this cold season.

I'd love to hear from you sometime, and hope you post again soon. I need a Concweet fix.