Saturday, March 20, 2010

Long Time No See

I have been absent from my blog for way too long.  There have been many changes in the land of Gams and now that life is settling into a more comfortable routine, I can finally pick up my camera and blog once more.

My daughter, Monkeys Jump (aka  Leia) and I recently attended and photographed the wedding of her dear friend Megan from high school.  Leia was also a bridesmaid - talk about multi-tasking!  Brian and I took the shots of the ceremony and any that Leia had to be in while she took the gorgeous posed photos (we had 4 Nikon cameras between us not mention misc lenses).  I am including a few of the photos below.  Leia did all post-processing as she is the Photoshop guru of the family (and has a much better eye than me) while the shots are a mixture of those taken between the three of us.

I'll be visiting with Dejah and the boys later today so will hopefully have a few shots of my fellas posted soon.  They are getting to be so big!  "Mr Concweet's" fan club has done without news of his shenanigans for far too long!

Good to be back... I've missed you all !

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racheld said...

I'll SAY!!!

To all of it---the missing and the wedding (LOVELY) and the Mr C's Fan Club---of which I'm not only a member, but the PRESIDENT.