Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr Concweet

Had the nickname not been given by someone I admire greatly, I would contemplate changing "Mr Concweet" to "Mr Sticks."  Can someone tell me what the fascination little boys have with sticks is all about?  All sticks, twigs, branches etc are quickly turned into weapons becoming swords or "swipe baybers" (bless his heart he still can't say light saber) used to slay all munsters and bad guys in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area.  At least I can sleep peacefully knowing the dragons have been slain by my littlest knight!

Niko Stix


racheld said...

Oh, Kathy!

Have I got a Girl for YOU!! She's 2 1/2, and in the Summer last year when I dressed her so charmingly in one wee green fairy costume for pictures, she wielded a stick---would not give it up (til she climbed the screen door, but that's another story).

Then, in an ethereally-gossamer white costume with a wreath of summer flowers in her curls, she grabbed another stick---about a four-footer, and waved it about. She cast spells, she stirred the birdbath, she cast spells far and near, she swished it through the air to hear the sound.

If it hadn't been for my bringing out a "forbidden" little glass teaset for her to "pour out" out at the white table in the ivy bed, she'd have been armed in every single picture.

And they were a surprise for her Mama for Christmas!

There's a wonderful quality to children with such imagination---who knows what charms those bits of wood may hold, or what gold and gems may garnish them? A stick may be a sword, a fishing pole, a magical staff, a spoon, a musical instrument, a wand.

A child who needs not for someone to hand him his entertainment is a content, intelligent, confident child, indeed.

And I'm delighted with my MC fix.

FrancisMoore said...

Glad you are blogging again.