Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Sister's Babies

I spent the day with my sister's family this last week. My oldest nephew was home from Purdue so I took the opportunity to visit and take a few photos. My baby sis and her hubby have a 4-acre "spread" 30 minutes north of me with many beautiful backdrops for photos. Some of my favorite shots over the years have been taken there. It's difficult to believe that I used to change the diapers of these 3...where does the time go?!

Meet Nathan, Caleb and Shelby.  3 of my favorite people :)


Unknown said...

Great pictures! Love those red bud trees in the background. There's one in my yard, and it's blooming now, too.

Thanks for the super comment at Pretty Babies! Nice to "meet" you!! :)

racheld said...

What a beautiful family you have!! They all just glow with the sun and with their personalities.

Thank you for the VERY kind comment on LT---today was very special, and I wanted to write it down in detail; I didn't even get to DS coming by to sweep up all the fallen sticks and limbs, and then our going out for Chinese dinner with Our Girl.

Нафаня said...

lol :) i liked my pic Kathy, it is now my Facebook profile pic, thanks!
And nice to meet you all too :D lol :D


FrancisMoore said...

Enjoyed looking at the pictures. I, too, can't believe that they are "almost" adults. Francis