Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A St Louis Easter

I spent Easter weekend in St Louis with my Monkeys Jump.  The weather was gorgeous so we strapped on our cameras and headed to The Missouri Botanical Gardens on Saturday and then to the St Louis Zoo on Sunday.  Below are a few of my favorite shots of the weekend. To view the full size image, click on the photo. Blogger has cut the left side of the images off... grrrrrrrrrrr... and I can't figure how to fix it!

St. Louis Botanical Gardens
The Lake at the Japanese Garden

St. Louis Koi
The lake is filled with gorgeous Koi.

St. Louis Big Mouth

St. Louis Pouty Koi

St. Louis Trip-18

St. Louis Trip-8
Beautiful Tulips

St. Louis Trip-5
One of the many trees in full bloom. Such a treat for the senses!

St. Louis Trip-1

Raindrops on Tulips
I got to play with Leia's new macro lens!

St Louis Lion
The lions were given paper mache' eggs filled with grass and spices. Catnip for big kitties!

St. Louis Trip-36


racheld said...

What a lovely tour, Kathy!! I know you had a splendid time on your visit.

I love the flowers, most, of course, and that big old lion puppy lugging his egg.

FrancisMoore said...

Beautiful photos.