Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blast From the Past Saturday plus Proud Momma!!

Random shots of days gone by....

Gams and her JayBob

JayBob and my niece, Shelby up on the farm (my sisters place)

Daddy and the Dillybar

Big brother JayBob with the little Dillybar

My youngest daughter and my oldest nephew at the Indianapolis Zoo. She is now the beautiful mother of 3 sons and my nephew is now like 7 feet tall and in college!

Monkeys Jump when she was just a wee lass.

The above photo of my youngest and the Dillybar taken by who also happened to place 2nd in the I Heart Faces contest this week with another photo of her sister (this is the proud momma part)
Some day I hope my photos will be as good as hers!

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