Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're Having A Sleepover!!! Dillybar Edition

Guess who's having a slumber party with Gam's tonight?!

Dilly Bar Original

Dillybar, Dillybar, Dilly, Dilly, Dillybar....bah bump bump bum!

There will be games and cuddles and lots of Nickelodeon! Unfortunately there will also be repeated watchings of the same episode of Drake and Josh (argh... I wish On Demand would change episodes weekly instead of monthly)!

The sleep over tradition started a long time ago...

digital_frame 045

...things were a bit calmer then. There is nothing like a nap in the recliner with a sweet, cuddley baby!

These days, the activities are bit more rambunctious.

digital_frame 103

I am surrounded by Power Ranging...


Colts playing...


Bike riding...


Tree climbing...

digital_frame 126


I'll let you know if I survived!

1 comment:

Leia said...

He's such a little man. Hope you have a fun sleepover.