Monday, May 25, 2009

To Boldly Go Where No Gams Has Gone Before

I am having a wonderful time in Saint Louis! My daughter and her husband actually live in a little village called Charlack. The house they live in belonged to Brian's grandfather and before that, it belonged to the mayor of Charlack. The community is peaceful and quiet - so quiet, in fact, that you easily forget that you are so close to a large metropolis like Saint Louis! The house itself sits on a beautiful lot that is longer than it is wide with stately old trees that provide shade from the hot summer heat. One of my favorite spots is their front porch swing where I enjoy the cool evening breeze while watching the multitude of birds, squirrels and rabbits as they frolic - so peaceful and akin to a small slice of heaven on earth!
Saturday we went exploring (read Leia's account here) and had an awesome time just driving and taking in the scenery. We visited Grafton, IL by way of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway. The view was breathtaking with limestone cliffs on one side and the Mississippi River on the other.
Day Trip-2
One of my favorite places to visit while here is Main Street in downtown St Charles. The quaint shops, the folks in period costumes, and the city's historic significance are just a few of the reasons I love it. There were 2 couples being married at the gazebo and then enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride while we were there.
We ended our day with a late-night viewing of the new Star Trek movie. Being a Trekkie, I enjoyed it immensely and appreciated the "back story" for the characters. If you are not a fan of the series/franchise, there is no need to worry - the story and action are compelling! There will be some "inside" jokes that non-trekkies won't get, but you'll never know that you missed anything! I highly recommend the show to anyone!

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