Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Days, Not Monday's, With Goose Poo

There is a Christian school just up the street that has an almost lifesized Ark on it's grounds. If the rain keeps up it's good to know I'm not far from safe harbor. Geez, enough of the wet already!

These little guys are lovin it though.

swimming babies

At last count there were 34 babies that live at the lake behind me.

Canadian BabiesSweet Baby Gooses

They are the cutest little fuzzies! Hopefully they will grow up, leave home and become responsible young geese and NOT move back in with the folks when times get tough. There is more goose poo than grass right now. I don't want to think about the massive amount of poo generated by 34 additional full grown geese. My patio stays relatively poo free thanks to the efforts of Rugby.


At least it did until his run-in with a momma goose. Now the poor fella just lays around waiting for the little poops to grow up and leave the neighborhood.

I'll have to tell you about the other wildlife that comes around to torment him in another post - who knew squirrels were so mean?


FrancisMoore said...

These pictures are sooooo cute! Francis

Leia said...

I love your blog! You are funny.