Friday, May 15, 2009

How Grows Your Garden?

I've not done much this year in the way of gardening. If my employment status doesn't change, I may have to make other living arrangements so I didn't bother with planting anything extra this year (why bother if I won't be here to enjoy the fruits of my labor). I have a few flowers that I planted last year that are coming back nicely.
I love the color of this Clematis.

Hostas have always been a favorite and are thriving.

If I do relocate, I will likely leave the plants behind in hopes that future tenants will care for them or at least appreciate them; however, this guy is coming with me! Geeko calls it the "beebee." He stops to say hello whenever he visits.
Garden Gazer

Last year I purchased a few flats and I thought it looked very nice - especially considering it was my first attempt outside of potted flowers.
I'll make due without the landscaping for this year in hopes that next year I can color my little corner of the world.
So, internet... how grows your garden?

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Mary Alice said...

ahhh. I love clematis.